Dudùu XL How important is to have at your disposal a comfortable and designed recharge for your devices? Charge your smartphone with Dudùu EXPO Your customare can recharge your phone consulting your brochure or your services. Charge your smartphone with Dudùu XS Small, immediate and smart, the XS is rechargeable, reusable and compatible with every device. Charge your smartphone with Dudùu POD Pod recharges your smartphone wirelessly and sterilizes and perfumes it inside. Not just your phone, but everything that can contain. Charge and sterilize your smartphone with

Dudùu is

A product line for energy that takes shape and the idea of wanting to set this shape in a product series that goes beyond and join functionality, sustainability and reliability to aesthetics.

Dudùu is the brand that recharges you: it is adaptable and available everywhere, functional for every device.


XL power stations your fast and safe charging service

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Grabs your customers attention by highlighting your offers

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A Quick battery boost, portable chargers.

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Sanitizes, recharges and perfumes. The beauty farm for your devices.

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Accessories Dudùu XL

Dudùu products can be completed with many technological accessories such as digital padlocks or UV-C lamps that sterilize your devices during recharging. Discover the whole range of Dudùu accessories.


Give power and light to your Brand.
All Dudùu products has a basic design, customizable in details and materials. Give shape to your idea of recharge with your brand prints and colours. Offer your recharging service not only in a fast and safe way, but branded.

Let’s work together to grow your business and transform your future.

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