Dudùu is

A product line for the energy that takes shape and the idea of wanting to configure that shape in a series of products that go further and unite the functionality, the sustainability, L'reliability and ataesthetics.

Dudùu is the brand that recharges you, adaptable and available everywhere, functional for every device.


Multifunction Radio.

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Multifunctional mirror

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Adopt your puppy.

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The atmosphere becomes warmer

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Lamp and wireless charging.

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The 3-in-1 Magsafe refill.

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Sound up & Tree

Listening without compromise.

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Power banks

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There Pocket recharge eco-friendly.

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Sterilizes, refills and perfumes,
the beauty farm for your devices.
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Create your own atmosphere.

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Your top-up service, safe and fast.

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Focus and capture the attention of your customers.

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Transform your traditional home into a "smart" one.

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Matrix Collection

product line from design and innovative technology for the energy that takes shape. Recharge, choose your adaptable and available product in every place, functional for every wireless device.

X Folding Led

89,90 VAT included

X Standby

89,90 VAT included

X Power Bank

89,90 VAT included

X Fold

89,90 VAT included

Charging accessories

Power supplies, quick chargers and multiple cables for recharging your devices.

Dudùu for the environment, buy XS and plant a tree


Dudùu has always been concerned about the environment by committing to the eco-friendliness of its products, consistent with this philosophy we wanted to do something extra. With every purchase of the eco friendly power bank XS we will plant a tree. Duduu will plant a tree in UGANDA with your name, in collaboration with our partner Algaxia.

Gift Cards

Don't know what to give her/him? Forgot an important date? Or you simply want to give yourself a discount of up to 20 euros by purchasing a Duduù Gift Card… In any case, this is the product for you.


Dudùu XL accessories and Expo

Dudùu products can be completed and enriched with many technological accessories such as digital padlocks or UV-C lamps that sterilize your devices during recharging. Discover the whole range of Dudùu accessories.


Give power and light to your Brand.
All Dudùu products have a basic design that can be totally customized in terms of details and materials. Shape your idea of refilling with your brand's prints and colours. Offer your top-up service not only fast and safe, but branded.

Dudùu products for your business, the synergies that win

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Here you can find Dudùu refill products.

switch your power on

Recharge and free yourself
from every thought
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