5G: revolutionary road

Evolution, revolution and then …? What should we actually expect from 5G? It’s easy to say and bit more difficult to quantify.

Always available contents and hyper connected services that will be more and more interconnected

The EU planned the full action of the so-called fifth-generation network in 2020. This new network will upset the use and perception of new technologies for companies and users who, of course, will be always connected.

If you don’t know …

5G stands for 5th Generation and it refers to the fifth-generation mobile tech. The aim of the 5th Generation is to enable us to a state of real and continuous connection allowing a socio-economic and socio-cultural change of our society.

I promise

The 5th Generation aims and allows companies and users to enjoy technology and digital world in a more complete way.

What do I mean? Here you are the promises and advantages of the fifth generation network:

Go fast!

Forget the long and exhausting waiting times for uploading, downloading, browsing and enjoying contents. Wherever you are, on a train or in a car, 5th generation will let you have a connecting speed 45 times faster than the current mobile networks.

Hi, I’m here

The latency time (time lapse between the sending of a signal and its reception) will be halved. In practice, it approaches perfection. This is another 5G promise.

Stop crush

Do you dream of a day when we can all connect without crushing each other? Without marking a collective crush? Well, the 5th generation network is what you were waiting for. Another 5th generation promise concerns density. The new networks will be able to support a much higher number of devices without impacting on speed.

And security?

Obviously, a particular attention is paid to security.
The regulatory framework, implemented by the European Communications Code which regulates this field, includes the vulnerability of 5G. That’s why the measures have been designed to guarantee a high level of cyber security.

The first

At the present time, a “break-in” phase, there are many big companies which wanted to approach the 5th Generation exploiting every potential:

• Xiaomi with Xiaomi Mi Mix
• Samsung with S10
• Huawei with Mate X and Mate 20 5G version
• LG with V50 ThinQ 5G

And so? We’ll see

The so-called next-generation network opens up new and opportunity-rich scenarios, but the real success will be the result of the union and strength of several converging factors.
Only Time will be able to give us the last sentence on this revolution / evolution. Patiently (or maybe not) we’ll see.
Always available contents and hyper connected services that will be more and more interconnected


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