We look at the union between technology And design for a new concept of recharge.
A pure technology that leads to sustainable innovation it's a creative design, useful And functional, which suits our needs.

Innovative products that look beyond

Designing from a hi-tech perspective means relying on pure cutting-edge technology.
For the Dudùu product lines we started from pure technology and aimed at eco-sustainable innovation by creating functional and eco-friendly products.
Our charging stations make use of efficient and eco-sustainable LED technology because it lasts over time.
Cables and wireless mat make our power stations adaptable and compatible for charging any device.

Real design objects

Creating in a hi-tech perspective does not mean forgetting the role and functionality of aesthetics.
With the Dudùu product lines we have combined mass production and artisanal production by focusing on design.
A design that is not only conceptual, but useful and functional because it adapts to our lives and our everyday needs.

Products that wear your brand

The Dudùu product lines have a basic design, which adapts perfectly to any environment and atmosphere, easily customizable.
The power stations and accessories are fully brandable in terms of details and materials.
Even your creative charging idea can take shape to provide not only a fast and safe charging service, but a branded one.
A series of innovative and customizable products that marks the perfect union between utility and design.

switch your power on

Recharge and free yourself
from every thought
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