Dudùu Sunset for your brand

The branding of services, products and gadgets increases the importance of the brand in the eyes of the consumer, makes the experience with the product unique, builds customer loyalty, creates the right affinity, testifies to the brand's originality and uniqueness.
Personalize the Sunset lamp with a unique design and combine inside a wireless charger and a touch lamp with warm light and RGB LEDs.

If you order Sunset today you can have the service of free customization*!

*Logo customization

Enhance your brand.

How can you customize Dudùu Sunset?

The multifunctional Sunset lamp has a basic and functional design, perfect for being branded. An innovative product that will retain your customers.


The profile of Sunset can be customized with the printing of your logo.


Even the front of the product can be customized with your logo through laser marking.

Dudùu products for your business, the synergies that win

switch your power on

Do you need to buy more than one product with your brand? Ask us for a quote

Fill out the form with your data to ask us for information on how to customize Sunset. Our staff will contact you to study the solution that best suits your needs.

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