Dudùu XL charging stations have a basic design that can be totally customized in terms of details and materials. Offer your top-up service not only fast and safe, but branded.


If you order the today your power station, you can have the service of free customization*!

*Customization on both sides

What are you waiting for illuminate your brand?

Dudùu XL for your brand

The minimal style has been designed and created to give shape to your creative idea of refilling with your brand's prints and colours.

As? Customizing every detail and accessory of our power stations!


The external box of Dudùu XL can be made in any material with printed applications thanks to innovative and cutting-edge techniques.


The glass of Dudùu XL can be customized with a choice of darkening film and applications in HD solution digital printing.


Branded keys and electronic locks, designed for total security, in every variant based on your needs.


Dudùu XL cables can be made with customizable plugs in material, colors and prints for each format.

Do you need to buy more than one XL with your Brand? Ask us for a quote

Contact us now to customize Dudùu with your Brand, our Staff will contact you to study the solution that best suits your needs

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