Dudùu EXPO for your brand

Customizing services, products and gadgets can increase the brand importance perceived by the customer, this operation makes the product experience unique, it creates customer loyalty and the right affinity, it testifies to the brand originality and uniqueness.
Customizing Dudùu EXPO allows you to have a customized display that focuses the customer attention on your brand.

What can you customize?

Dudùu EXPO design is functional, it can highlight not only brochures and catalogues but products too.
The basic lines are designed to be customized in every detail and according to your needs.


The plexiglass external cover can be made in any colour and with applied printings thanks to an innovative and leading techniques.


The container shape can be adapted to contain promotional gadgets, merchandising and demonstration items such as pens, sugar sachets, pods and capsules, cosmetic samples, key rings, sweets, etc.


The central box (brand), which acts as a RGBW LED lamp, can be customized with the brand logo, claim and pay off.


Dudùu EXPO cables can be made of customized plugs in material, colours and printings for any format

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