CUSTOMIZATION Create your own power station and dress up your design and innovation by Dudùu's customizing service LIGHT YOUR BRAND UP CUSTOMIZATION Your brand gives shape to a new idea of recharging RECHARGE AND DESIGN CUSTOMIZATION Your brand dress the innovation up LOOK FORWARD

Dudùu XL power stations have a basic design which is totally customizable in details and materials.
Offer your recharging service not only fast and safe but branded.


Dudùu, Style your Brand!

Minimal style has been projected and realized to give shape to your creative idea of recharging with printings and colours of your brand.

How? Personalizing every detail and accessories of our power stations!


Dudùu XL’s outer box can be made of any material with printed applications thanks to innovative and state-of-art techniques.


Dudùu XL’s glasses are optionally customizable with obscuring film and applications in digital HD solution printings.


Branded keys and locks are projected for a total security in every version based on your needs.


Dudùu XL’s cables can be made with customizable plugs in material, colour, printing in every format.

We make your customer happy

Contact us right away to customize Dudùu with your brand, our staff will contact you back to study the most suitable solution to your needs.

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