Do you still have some gifts to give?

 For these holidays, surprise everyone with a Hi-Tech gift and personalize it as you wish. The exclusive GIFT CARDS are here to send to the people you love!


You are free to choose the amount of the gift from the available denominations, and you can also personalize the product with the name of the person you want.


After the purchase, an e-mail or a whatsapp message will arrive with your personalized dedication and the theme of the anniversary to celebrate.


We have reserved a gift for you too! By purchasing a Duduù gift card, you too will receive one worth between 5 and 20 euros which you can spend directly in the shop.

 What are you waiting for? The holidays are upon us.

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Dudùu for the environment, Green Gift Card

Dudùu has always been concerned with the environment by committing itself to the eco-sustainability of its products, consistent with this philosophy we wanted to do something more. We thought one Gift Card Green, for each Gift Card of this type purchased, in addition to all the advantages of the other Gift Cards, in addition, Duduù will plant a tree in the world with your name, in collaboration with our partner Algaxia.
In short, the gift is done in three! For you, for those you love and for the environment.

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