Experience Retail 2019

A unique opportunity that has served us to further expand our knowledge and our network. Retail Experience 2019 was held in Bologna on February 18th and we had the pleasure of participating and attending all the field news.



The 2019 Retail Experience shows the evolution of retail and customer experience. The conference not only attracts experts from the field ( who will explain successful case histories of various categories), but also unites them by encouraging them to share ideas, perspectives and, above all, their own experience. Moreover, participants will have the possibility to access the “experience area” specifically designed to see and touch live solutions.


Taking part at the 2019 Retail Experience gave us a unique study and business opportunity, we faced a new concept of shopping experience and therefore a new way of perceiving the world of retail.

2019 Retail Experience: challenges and opportunities

Beyond the multichannel, we come to the multi-field to approach a user who always shows himself different and open to new things and, above all, to shopping experienced conceived as an experience.


Multichannel is not enough, today we talk about an omnichannel relationship. People want an always present reteiler (both digital and physical), that is able to recognize their needs and the personal experience of consumption.

Delivery model

Delivery, from the last step of consumption process, becomes a key phase for the user and so a very important element to which we have to give an added and differential value. Here we enter the field of experience and a quick and punctual delivery service becomes a consumer experience.

Analytics e Ai

Data light on users’ needs, artificial intelligence supports logistics and services become more and more connected to the consumer who benefits from the efficiency of the system.

New Retail

Traditional retail play against delivery services, the competition is on. Passwords for success? Adaptation, flexibility and efficiency.


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