From today, Dudùu and JPower are united by the same passion for energy!

Dudùu, already committed to the market with a range of products dedicated to electric recharging, has evolved further by introducing additional services for the benefit of all its customers. From today, Dudùu also becomes Telereseller for JPower, a major operator in the energy sector. It will be possible to offer both private individuals and companies access to supplies of electricity and gas produced from renewable sources, certified through the GSE Guarantees of Origin.

Clean Energy for All

One of the main focuses of this partnership is to promote a more sustainable future by reducing environmental impact through the use of energy from renewable sources. Through this partnership, JPower provides electricity generated through renewable sources, contributing significantly to reducing carbon emissions and improving the quality of life on our planet.

Concrete advantages

Choosing JPower supply through J-LUCE and J-GAS services offers concrete advantages. Customers can save up to 20% on their bill thanks to special tariffs for Dudùu customers. Each customer receives 25 points (where each point is worth one euro) this bonus is spendable in the Dudùu shop. This opportunity makes it possible to combine respect for the environment and considerable savings on the bill.

It is important to consider that energy costs are subject to pronounced and unpredictable variations, influenced by several factors, including the current global geopolitical situation. However, Dudùu and JPower offer the possibility to pay the energy component according to the wholesale price trend, allowing customers to benefit from market variations. If the PUN (Single National Price) goes down, the electricity bill goes down, offering an additional economic advantage to consumers.

Sustainable Energy

In addition to the economic benefits, the collaboration between Dudùu and JPower reflects a long-term commitment to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Through the SAVE THE WORLD project, trees are planted in various parts of the world in cooperation with the Algaxia association. Planting and monitoring are certified via blockchain technology, ensuring the transparency and effectiveness of this initiative.

The partnership between Dudùu and JPower is a step towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future. By offering clean energy, incentivising savings and contributing to global reforestation, this partnership demonstrates how companies can have a positive impact on our planet. Choosing Dudùu & JPower is not only an economically smart option, it is also an investment in the future of our planet.

Take advantage now by requesting a quote to assess your energy costs and find out immediately how much you can save on your energy bill, for more information click here


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