Here are the new car mounts with wireless charging from the Matrix collection: the perfect combination of practicality and road safety

In the hectic and ever-connected environment of modern society, the presence of a phone cradle in the car with integrated wireless charging capability has become very important in order to be able to travel safely. In addition to providing a safe anchorage for your phone while driving, the magnetic docking station allows you to charge your device without having to handle cables.

Road safety has always been a priority, and in an era where using your phone while driving is a major source of distraction, the integration of a phone holder with wireless charging has become of paramount importance in protecting your own safety and that of pedestrians. Placing your smartphone in a safe place in the vehicle, such as on the dashboard or windscreen, allows you to focus your attention on the road, thus reducing the risk of accidents caused by distractions. Suffice it to say that in Italy, at least the 24% of road accidents are to be attributed to themisuse of the phone while driving, with almost 400,000 accidents the year.

The implementation of wireless charging is an extremely important innovation that eliminates the need for potentially dangerous power cables inside the car, as they could get tangled up while driving. The smartphone can be placed on the cradle and start charging immediately and automatically, thanks to the magnetic plate that ensures a secure grip between the device and the cradle.

In addition, wireless charging is very useful for all long journeys or frequent travel due to work or out-of-town trips. All those who use their smartphones intensively, e.g. for communication, navigation or listening to music in the car, will be able to recharge the device while ensuring a good amount of charge left at the end of the day.

A smartphone holder such as this also allows those with a less technologically advanced vehicle to experience their interior more interactively.. With the display of your smartphone, you can easily listen to your favourite music or quickly make a hands-free call to a loved one in complete safety.

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As wireless technology evolves, we can expect further improvements that will make this system even more efficient and integrated into the driving experience. Ultimately, this combination of practicality, security and adoption of cutting-edge technologies makes an in-car phone holder with wireless charging a valuable and indispensable addition for any responsible driver.

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