Here comes 'Recharge yourself with energy' the campaign that rewards you all year round!

The loyalty campaign 'Recharged with energy' is a programme that rewards all customers who have joined the Dudùu world, in fact from now on every single purchase counts. The programme involves accumulating an 'energy point' for every euro spent, and all points are accumulated from time to time in the form of cashback in one's virtual wallet. All this translates into commercial benefits with discounts on the range of new products or rewards for the most active customers.

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The Concept of Energy Points and the Virtual Wallet

The campaign is based on a very simple concept: every euro spent equals the accumulation of an 'energy point', so the more you buy, the more you get recharged! If you want to collect all the products in the Dudùu range, this could be a good way to benefit from future purchases. The energy points generated by your purchase are imported into a virtual wallet within the Dudùu website. 

There are several ways to accumulate energy points including:

  • with the first registration in Dudu;

  • by subscribing to the Duduù newsletter;

  • by making a purchase in the shop;

  • recommending the Dudu shop to a friend;

  • on special occasions, if you have entered your date of birth, we will give you a gift;

  • with Dudu promotions.

The wallet gives the user a clear and immediate view of his accumulated energy points over time. Remember though, energy points are valid for one year from the date they were accumulated.

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There are no tricks: you can redeem the points with a minimum spend of 50 euro

It is clear that cashback is applied according to requirements, in fact you can use a maximum of 10 points per purchase, the discount will be considered on the cart total and is not applicable to products that have already been discounted. In the checkout phase, there will be a special box where the user can enter the amount of points he or she wants to use. This means that energy points will enable savings when purchasing a new product to give to yourself or a special person. This solution not only offers an economic incentive to the customer, but also gives satisfaction in seeing the energy points turn into concrete benefits.

Visit our shop and accumulate points for numerous benefits on your next purchases:

We want to strengthen the bond with all Dudùu customers

The Energy Points campaign is not just a transitional promotion mechanism. It represents Dudùu's concrete commitment to establishing a lasting connection with its customers. By offering an energy points savings scheme that rewards those who believe in our project, Dudùu shows that it appreciates and rewards the choice of customers who continue to support the brand.



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