LIGHT BLUE – Meaning and properties

The color blue, placed between the color green and the Indigo in the light spectrum, is a symbol of communication through creativity. Color symbol of loyalty and idealism, conveys a sense of calmness helping meditation and extroversion. It also stimulates sleep and positively affect diplomatic relations. Associated with the fifth Chackra the color blue tends also to favor the lowering of blood pressure.

The personality according to the Light Blue

Those who love Blue is brought to have a harmonious behavior towards the environment and the people around him. Although it is never fully satisfied with the world he lives in has full confidence in their abilities and finds in artistic and psychic full satisfaction. Very able to treasure their own experiences, those approaching to Azzurro has an innate capacity for reflection which is expressed both before and after its action. Able to forge very strong ties with the people he loves, gets involved very frequently in the psychic sphere more than in the physical one.

Those who refuse the Light Blue color is basically intolerant and unaccommodating, often reacting with animosity and obscurity to unpleasant situations and unsatisfactory. Inclined to be aggressive and angry, if unable to let off steam or to blow off steam, takes refuge in self. Those who shun the Blue curtains, among other things, not to learn from their mistakes and find it very difficult to be alone with himself.

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