It is the wireless fast charger equipped with sterilizer and perfumer for objects.

With Dudùu Pod you can recharge your device in a practical and fast way and by inserting it in the internal compartment of the box, sterilize it and perfume it through the UV ray system and the ozone diffuser in which you can insert, with the special dispenser supplied, the your favorite essential oils and room aromas.

Dudùu Pod is the handy beauty farm for your devices and your small personal items.

The beauty farm for your devices.

Pod quickly recharges your smartphone, sterilizes it, like a beauty treatment! All in one capsule, in which you can eliminate viruses and bacteria, as well as from the mobile phone, from all the objects that can be contained in the large space. Glasses, headphones, jewels etc…


Multifunction capsule

With the multifunctional Dudùu Pod capsule you can recharge your device wirelessly by simply placing it on the top of the box. The sterilization and perfuming of your device and your personal items such as glasses, bracelets and headphones takes place inside the Pod, thanks to the special compartment equipped with UV rays, ozone diffuser and aroma dispenser for correct hygiene which eliminates bacteria and bad smells.

Multifunction capsule

It is a multifunctional box. Quickly recharge your smartphone when it is positioned on the top lid, sterilize the objects when they are inside the box with UV and Ozone and finally perfume the objects if you insert two drops of essential oil in the appropriate compartment.



  • Hassle-free charging
  • Pod makes use of 10W wireless charging technology that allows you to charge devices in a practical and fast way, eliminating the problem of wires and USB sockets. In fact, with the wireless fast charger, just place the smartphone on the upper base of the box to activate the charging process.


  • UV-C and OZONE
  • Safe and effective sterilisation
  • For its sterilization function Pod is equipped with a special compartment with UV and OZONE rays, the combination of these two agents is one of the most effective methods to use for the sanitation of your objects.


  • Sanitization is also fresh and fragrant
  • Sanitizing is important not only because bacteria are neutralized, but also because bad smells are eliminated. With Pod you can make the objects inserted in the capsule perfumed, thanks to the internal aroma dispenser in which you can insert oils and essences.


Input: DC 5V/2A
Power: 2W (max)
Wireless Outputs: 10W (max)

UV Wavelength: 253.7 margin nos
Sterilization duration: 18/30 minutes
Material: ABS plastic

Dimensions: 21×12×6.2cm
Internal dimensions: 16.5×8.5×2cm
Weight: 621 g


In the video below you will find a tutorial that will explain all the wonderful functions of the POD "beauty farm", for your device.

All Dudùu products have a basic design that can be totally customized in terms of details and materials. Shape your idea of refilling with your brand's prints and colours.


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