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Earn promoting Dudùu products

Making money as an affiliate is child's play. You can place a link on your website or you can review our products and get a discount code for your fans. Are you already registered?

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Earn thanks to the Dudùu affiliate program, sign up immediately at no cost and start earning right away.


Suggest our products to your audience. We have custom link building tools, discount codes for authors, bloggers and influencers.


Earn from 15% up to 25% through affiliate commissions for each purchase or eligible programme. Our conversion rates are competitive, allowing you to maximise your earnings.

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Monetize your traffic, through simple to use link building tools, if you affiliate you can redirect your audience earning with each purchase.


How does the Affiliate Program work?

The program allows you to share the products available on Dudùu with your audience, using customized link creation tools or discount codes to distribute to your fans and earn money on eligible sales or customer actions.

What are the requirements to join this program?

Bloggers, publishers and content creators with an eligible website or mobile application or are eligible to participate influencers with an established following of social media followers,

How can I make money with this program?

You will get earnings from the purchases you will have generated towards the site. Advertising fees on eligible purchases vary by product category

How can I enroll in the program?

Sign up for the program here.

Your application will be reviewed and, if it meets all the requirements, it will be approved. Find out more.

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