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The safety, comfort and energy savings of your home become smart thanks to Dudùu’s connected products that can be managed via Smartphone. IoT means “internet of things” and indicates all products that use the internet connection and the smartphone to offer new functions also connected to traditional products such as the thermostat.

Advantages of smart products


An internet connection and a smartphone are all you need to control connected objects.


Connected objects, often without masonry and at an affordable price.


It provides new features to manage the home even from a distance.

App Dudùu Smart Things.
With the Dudùu App or the Tuya App you can control the electronic devices and compatible appliances directly from your smartphone. Thanks to these, you can monitor the status of connected devices while you are away from home, establish automatic schedules for each room and even share permissions with your family members.

The application is available for Android and iOS devices: find out what are the system requirements necessary to use the App on your smartphone.

Classic Lock

4,10 VAT excluded

Electronic Lock

25,00 VAT excluded


3,28 VAT excluded


9,00 VAT excluded
Dudùu Music RGB LED Strip Lights 5mt RGB smart
Dudùu Smart wifi universal IR remote
Dudùu 10A smart socket with USB
Dudùu smart led bulb 9W RGBW
Dudùu Switch WiFi wireless smart
double smart plug16A
Dudùu double smart plug 16A

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