You should always please the eye and digital world knows it well. In beholder’s eyes, the importance of visual, which takes shape in details and context, is already ascertained: the love triangle par excellence between social, visual and design rises from right here.

In this regard, Instagram delights us and opens @design: the new account dedicated to the world of design, of his artists and supporters. A channel which allows passionate to have access to ideas and latest trends proposed by brilliant and bold minds of up-and-coming – and not – designers. A space reserved to aesthetics, which pays attention to the shape and substance of furniture’s pleasure and more. It is a way to upgrade even more our news feed with art: discovering new prospects and proposals rich in colours, led lights, tonalities, sinuous shapes and geometries.

A future, maybe already ongoing, which is a benchmark for us, who are lovers of this world – apparently so formal and established – which hides a pure explosion of the being with his own ideas: regardless of the trends, showing his own taste and his own desire to move from the usual balance of colours, shapes, lights and patterns.

A way (why not?) to stand out and become so irresistibly Instagram-friendly to trigger a hearts flow and a followers’ avalanche, in a (almost) natural way.

Therefore, Instagram loves design and makes it its own partner. However, we design lovers veterans do not forget one of the first social media that winked the eye to this world: Pinterest.

The social media that – started calmly almost as if it was addresses only to a users’ niche – reaches now a 6000% more web traffic.

The mechanic based on the construction of walls that work as an open window to the others on the world we like, the creation of organized categories and the tales, which are born from it, made Pinterest take its place in the social network Olympus.

The triangle between social, visual and design confirms itself a winner one, to those who want to get noticed and introduced in all their uniqueness. But also to users, who want to be inspired by trends and news or open the mind and go outside the box, finding new prospects to furnish their living distorting the ordinary style.

In our case, maybe with a unique – for shape, colours and functions – piece of furniture.

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