Excuse me, i can reload a little phone?

And what do you have answered to your customer?
A thousand sockets with a thousand twisted wires and not knowing whose phone is ringing…
Today the solution is Dudùu, with its Design objects, XL and EXPO, which will make the difference in your venue.

  • Battery charger

  • Multi-LED lamp

  • Empty pockets

  • Expositor

  • make the difference

  • Returning customers

  • More time in your local

  • Focus on your brand

Dudùu XL is

A charging station capable of recharging any type of device: from the telephone (Android and IOS), to the electronic cigarette, to the tobacco heater.
A multi-led lamp that goes perfectly with any environment and completes the design of your place.
One empty pockets comfortable, roomy and Safe because it is equipped with a lock with a personal key.

Dudùu EXPO is

It's a Expositor able to recharge mobile devices of any operating system making any workstation functional and efficient: desk, info point, reception, stand and adv desk.
Dudùu EXPO is also a multicolored lamp designed to focus customer attention, who will not only be able to recharge their device, but have a direct focus on yours promotion.

We are so sure that Dudùu XL and EXPO can give an edge to your business, that we offer you one unique possibility: try them for free for 7 days!*

*Promotion subject to limited availability to be checked at the time of booking.


They tried it

With Dudùu XL and EXPO the advantages were immediate and concrete, so much so that they were chosen as strengths for their business.


Glo Studio – Milan Navigli


Antonio and Antonio – Naples


All Food – Fiera Milano


Arcese Transport -Nola

Mouth watering

Watering – Naples


All Food – Fiera Milano

The first club

El Primero – Ecopark of the Mediterranean


All Food – Milan

The boulette

The bouletta – Aversa

Don't miss the chance to try Dudùu XL or EXPO in your venue!


Because Dudùu represents an opportunity not to be missed for your company?
We list below just a few of the benefits that you will receive by installing Dudùu XL or Dudùu EXPO in your venue, plus today you can have it FREE.

Difference on the market

Offering a new and captivating service allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and to attract and retain customers towards your business.

Recognizability and visibility

The satisfied customer recognizes the advantage of a new service offered. Your business becomes recognizable and your visibility towards the market increases.

Satisfied customer

You've solved a concrete problem that worries anyone who leaves the house with a device: the fear of a dead battery.


You have eliminated the mess created by scattered cables and wires thanks to a design object that adapts to any environment and completes the decor of your establishment.

Longer stay in the room

The customer will always prefer a place capable of satisfying more needs and with a greater offer of services created specifically for him.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security are no longer a problem, but a certain advantage that you can guarantee through the customized locking mechanism.

Start your free trial now

Don't miss the opportunity to try for free Dudùu XL or EXPO in your venue for 7 days, fill out the form and you will be contacted by our staff. Pieces are limited, only those who hasten to write to us will be able to enjoy theoutstanding advantage.

    What is the environment

    suitable for Dudùu charging stations?

    So far our customers come from these ed sectors they use Duduu XL or EXPO in their business drawing from it big pluses in terms of visibility and customer loyalty.

    Not in one of the industries listed? Make a difference on the market, be a pioneer of your business and find out what it's like to have a concrete competitive advantage.

    Our numbers at TuttoFood Fiera Milano








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