TuttoFood 2019

No, we don’t like to stop at all. Indeed, if it’s possible, we seize the day and we take the unique opportunities that can expand our experiences.

The next opportunity to which we will dedicate ourselves is TuttoFood 2019


TuttoFood 2019 is the international B2B food and beverage fair, scheduled from Monday 6th to Thursday 9th May at Fiera Milano (Rho).
The international hub of the agri-food field and food quality field will allow a direct connection between exhibitors and foodies, becoming also a reference point for producers and buyers who are currently from all over the world.
TuttoFood is exclusively reserved for B2B and it’s the only one fair to have a truly international response and impact, to the point of having earned the official endorsement of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and becoming the only USDA-certified food event in Italy .

News from TuttoFood 2019

Besides the main theme, the 2019 edition offers many news and vertical thematic areas such as TuttoWine (a space dedicated to wine), TuttoKosher and TuttoHalal (spaces dedicated to international gastronomic cultures).

Another growing aspect is the Evolution Plaza, the meeting area between companies and research centres in which they will find the right dialogue channels to analyze 4.0 technologies (purchase experience, product traceability, delivery , payment).

TuttoDigital 2019

In terms of innovation and technology, TuttoFood 2019 goes on by opening the new TuttoDigital area.
The space is dedicated to start-ups and innovative companies, operating and transforming in this field, and it gives new light to the future consumer experience to be offered to the final B2B costumer.

Agri-food sustainability and the fight against waste, retail evolution, intelligent logistics, e-commerce, collaborative economy, food delivery, food community, blog, app

The digital village that will be set up in Hall 10 is the space dedicated to start-ups and innovative companies that operate and transform the sector with the most innovative food & beverage technological proposals.

Digital transformation affects aspects of this sector too, giving birth to new future consumer experiences in terms of e-commerce, apps and service provisionIt’s where you will find us cool and ready for a new DudùuExperience.

If you are curious and hungry for innovation, design enthusiasts and technology pioneers, then we are waiting for you at TuttoFood 2019, TuttoDigital area, Hall 10, point K46.


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