We are all crazy for smartphone wireless charger

Smartphone wireless charger is the more and more popular, maybe our future will be completely wireless, who knows

How often do we put our phone charger in the bag without thinking on consequences: we’ll find a tangled thread – or even a broken thread – and we will loose a lot of time to disentangle it!

Thanks to Dudùu Pod this problem doesn’t exist anymore!

Dudùu Pod makes you have a quick recharge on every smartphone that has got a standard QI wireless charger. What do you have to do?


Very easy! In order to recharge your smartphone with wireless technology you have just to put your mobile phone on the box, not into. Dudùu Pod is not only useful for your phone… it can sterilize also your airpod, mouse, glasses, keys, credit cards and so on.

UV sterilization kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that live on your smartphone screen.

Say goodbye to  tangled and broken thread, thanks to a little box to bring with you endowed with three main functions: charger, sterilizer and…aromatherapy! 


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